6 Powerful Steps: How to Get Pee Out of the Car Seat in 2023?

How to get pee out of the car seat

Finding a pee stain on your car seat is seriously annoying, especially when you’re on the move. It could be a toddler’s accident, a pet’s oops moment, or just a plain old spill, no matter the reason, dealing with those pee stains as soon as possible is a big deal.

These stains don’t just mess up your car’s look, they start to smell bad if you don’t jump on them. So, in this guide on how to get pee out of the car seat, I’m going to share with you some useful and time-saving tips to nix those stubborn spots.

Common Scenarios of Urine Accidents in Car Seats

Common Scenarios of Urine Accidents in Car Seats

Life’s full of surprises, and sometimes those surprises involve unexpected urine accidents in our car seats. Being a parent, you are aware that toddlers often manage to surprise us, whether it be on a lengthy car ride or a simple trip to the grocery store.

And let’s not forget our furry friends’ pets can also contribute to those “uh-oh” moments when they hop in the car. Even a spilled drink can turn into an unfortunate mishap. So, let’s face it, accidents happen, and it’s good to know how to tackle them head-on.

Find Out How Much Cleaning Efforts You Need to Put?

Before learning about how to get pee out of the car seat, it’s really important to take a good look at the stain itself. Just pause for a moment and closely check out how big the stain is and where exactly it’s located on the seat. This little approach can help you determine the right way to clean it up and what stuff you should use.

Also think about what kind of material the car seat is made of, whether it’s cloth, leather, vinyl, or something else. Different materials might need slightly different methods to get the stain out effectively without causing any harm.

It’s not always pee, sometimes water stains can also destroy the beauty of your car’s interior. And if it happens to you often, learn how to remove water stains from your car seat.

Just 2 Small Steps Before Moving into the Cleaning Process

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Materials and Tools

Collect all the items you’ll need for the cleaning process. This includes absorbent towels or paper towels, an enzymatic cleaner or stain remover, distilled water, mild detergent, a spray bottle, and a soft-bristle brush. Having everything ready beforehand will make the cleaning process smoother.

Step 2: Test the Cleaning Products on a Hidden Area

Before applying any cleaning solution to the visible area of the car seat, it’s wise to test it on a hidden or inconspicuous spot. This helps ensure that the cleaning product won’t cause any discoloration or damage to the car seat material. Wait for a few minutes and check for any adverse reactions before proceeding.

The 6 Steps Process: How to Get Pee Out of the Car Seat?

The 6 Steps Process: How to Get Pee Out of the Car Seat?

Step 1: Blotting and Absorbing

If the urine is fresh, start by using absorbent towels or paper towels to gently blot the area. Press down gently to soak up as much urine as possible. Avoid rubbing, as it could spread the stain.

Step 2: Applying Enzymatic Cleaner

Enzymatic cleaners are specifically designed to break down organic compounds like urine. Spray the cleaner evenly over the stained area. Follow the instructions on the product for the recommended sitting time. This allows the enzymes to work on breaking down the urine particles.

Step 3: Agitating and Scrubbing

After the enzymatic cleaner has had time to work, use a soft-bristle brush to gently agitate and scrub the stained area. This helps to loosen any remaining particles and stains. Be careful not to scrub too aggressively to avoid damaging the material.

Step 4: Blotting and Rinsing

Once you’ve finished scrubbing, use clean, damp towels to blot the area again. This helps to remove excess cleaner and any loosened particles. Then, rinse the area with distilled water to remove any remaining residues. Blot with clean towels to dry.

Step 5: Detergent Cleaning (if necessary)

If the stain persists, mix a mild detergent with water to create a gentle cleaning solution. Apply the solution to the stained area and use the soft-bristle brush to scrub gently. Rinse thoroughly with distilled water and blot dry.

Step 6: Drying and Preventive Measures

Pat the cleaned area with dry towels to absorb as much moisture as possible. Ensure the car seat is placed in a well-ventilated area to aid in drying. You can use a fan or a hairdryer on a low setting to speed up the drying process. Make sure the seat is completely dry before use.

How to Get Pee Smell Out of Car Seat?

How to Get Pee Smell Out of Car Seat?

There are several steps involved in getting rid of pee stench that has lingered on a car seat. Starting with a thorough cleansing of the afflicted region, follow the earlier-described procedures. Focus on getting rid of the odor after the stain has been eliminated. Cleaners using enzymes, which are made to degrade urine components, are good at masking the odor.

After cleaning the area, apply the enzymatic cleanser and let it dry. Additionally, baking soda could help in absorbing any stench that is still there. After using baking soda on the car seat, vacuum it up after letting it set for a few hours. Finally, to freshen the interior of your vehicle, use a fragrance in spray form.

How to Get Gum Out of Car Seat?

How to Get Gum Out of Car Seat?

Dealing with gum stuck to your car seat might seem tricky, but it can be managed with the right approach. Place ice cubes in a plastic bag and apply them to the gum for several minutes. This will harden the gum and make it easier to remove.

Once the gum is hardened, gently scrape it off using a plastic scraper or you can also use an old credit card, being careful not to damage the seat’s material. If any residue remains, you can apply a small amount of cooking oil to the area and gently rub it in, then wipe away the gum and oil with a clean cloth. Finish by cleaning the spot with a mild detergent and water, and patting it dry.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals to Protect the Car Seat Materials

When doing your work with urine stains on car seats, it’s vital to know the impact of the product you are going to use. Harsh chemicals can not only fail to effectively remove stains but also damage the material of your car seat. Stick to gentle and specifically formulated cleaners to ensure that your car seat remains intact and undamaged after the cleaning process.

Try to Regularly Check and Address Spills or Pee Accidents

Sometimes we fail to notice these little accidents, and when we don’t treat them as soon as possible, they destroy the car seat quality, material, and overall look. To prevent urine stains from becoming deeply ingrained, it’s a good habit to regularly inspect your car seats for any spills or accidents.

Addressing these incidents promptly can minimize the chances of stains setting in and becoming more difficult to remove. Quick action also helps maintain a fresh and hygienic environment inside your car.

Use Protective Car Seat Covers or Pads for Better Protection

Use Protective Car Seat Covers or Pads for Better Protection

As car seats are for children, these kinds of accidents are common. And someone said when things become common then do something extra to save your time and energy. A proactive approach to avoiding urine stains involves using protective covers or pads on your car seats.

These barriers create an additional layer of defense against spills and accidents. They can be easily removed and cleaned, sparing your car seat from direct contact with potential stains. This precaution not only simplifies cleaning but also extends the life of your car seats.

These covers also protect your seat from burn holes, and if your car seat already has a burn hole, it’s better to treat it as soon as possible and learn how to fix burn holes in car seats to maintain their overall quality and performance.


To maintain a clean and comfortable car interior, addressing urine stains promptly and effectively is essential. By following the step-by-step process outlined above, you can bid farewell to unwanted stains and odors, restoring the freshness of your car seat.

Remember that maintaining the excellent appearance of your car seat may be achieved with the right method and a proactive cleaning technique. With the right tools, knowledge, and care, you can keep your car interior welcoming and hygienic for both you and your little passengers.


Can I use household cleaning products to remove urine stains from my car seat?

It’s generally recommended to use cleaners specifically designed for removing urine stains, as household products might not be as effective and could potentially damage the car seat material.

Is it safe to use an enzymatic cleaner on all types of car seat materials?

Enzymatic cleaners are generally safe for a variety of materials, but it’s advisable to test the cleaner on a small, hidden area first to ensure it doesn’t cause any adverse reactions.

How can I prevent urine stains from happening in the first place?

Using protective covers or pads on your car seats can act as a barrier against spills and accidents. Additionally, addressing spills promptly and practicing good hygiene habits can help prevent stains.

What should I do if the urine smell persists even after cleaning?

If the smell remains, try reapplying enzymatic cleaner to the area and ensuring it’s thoroughly dried. You can also use baking soda to absorb lingering odors.

Can I machine wash car seat covers to remove urine stains?

Check the manufacturer’s guidelines before attempting to machine wash car seat covers. Some covers are machine washable, while others might require specialized cleaning methods.

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